Media Asset Management

Studio Suite is a complete media scheduling software and digital asset management system that enables you to manage all of your digital media and asset management workflows. Digital assets are logged in relation to a project and automatically stored on the server and accessible to all Studio Suite users.

The Library module tracks all media in your library (tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, disks, drives, reels, etc.).

  • Log media asset
  • Assign media assets to Projects
  • Attach files to media assets
  • Log Media in and out
  • Control media asset rates
  • QC reporting
  • Gather more meta-data than before with DiskLog
  • FTP and logging

The Media Inventory module allows you to manage your blank/virgin media (tapes, discs, drives, etc.) inventories.

  • Displays minimum stock levels, ‘on-order’ amounts, costs, vendors, etc.
  • Automatic alerts when inventory levels get low
  • Price replacement media with different vendors
  • Automatically create purchase orders for low stock Items
  • Reserves media inventory based on needs assigned in a Project
  • Log and edit information about your media
  • Control media rates