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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Studio Suite?

Studio Suite is the leading studio management software designed expressly for companies producing and delivering content across the media production spectrum.

Who is Studio Suite for?

Studio Suite is the ideal solution for any company that deals with production, post-production, broadcast, and advertising.

Can Studio Suite be used by small studios?

The studios that use our software usually have at least two rooms or editing bays.

Can I use Studio Suite on Mac?

Yes, Studio Suite is cross-platform, which means it can run on Mac, Windows, iOS, and any web browser.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. Our Studio Suite LITE Mobile App has most of the modules included in the desktop version, including the calendar, scheduling, asset management, contact modules, and more.

Do I need training to use Studio Suite?

Yes, the software is complex and has many functionalities. But, don’t worry, one of our team members will provide you with training and support so that you can enjoy all the benefits of Studio Suite.

Do you have clients outside of the United States?

Yes, we have earned a userbase of high-profile, deadline-critical production & post facilities in over 55 countries.

How much does it cost?

Studio Suite pricing is based on the number of concurrent seats in use. You can have unlimited users that have access to Studio Suite but you are only charged for the number of users actively using the software at one time. Find out more about our pricing here.