Studio Workload Management made easy with Studio Suite

Workload management when you own a studio can definitely be a hassle. Keeping track of everything that is going on, prioritizing tasks, resources and making sure everything goes smoothly day after day, project after project can be a lot to handle. Unfortunately, it’s an essential aspect of any business, so you have to do it. But does workload management need to be difficult? Not if you’re using studio project planning software.

Read on to find more about effective ways that will help you have a hassle-free studio. We’ll discuss why workload management is important, what it implies for a studio and how choosing the right software can help you more than you’d imagine.

Why is workload management so important?

Effective studio workload management is crucial for the success of your business and the overall performance of every creative project that takes place in your studio. Every client or colleague will benefit from proper resource allocation, effective task management or simply having everything organized.

There are several factors to consider while building a strategy for managing your workload; here are four suggestions to assist you.

Tips for efficient workload management in your studio

1. Take your time with planning

Planning your tasks and projects in advance is important. Actually, 11.4% of resources are wasted due to poor project management. No matter what you’ve planned, giving yourself some time will allow you to relax and concentrate on what to prioritize. It is also beneficial to stop and analyze everything, since you may discover errors. Setting an estimate for each activity that will happen in your studio, setting the start and completion date, and naming and describing your tasks will have a significant influence on your ability to meet your company’s objectives. Using project planning software can also aid you at this stage, as it will provide you with a comprehensive picture of everything you require.

Studio Suite is a studio management software designed for creatives that work in the media production industry. It lets you easily organize your resources (people, rooms and equipment) for a project/production and graphically view resource allocation in a calendar view. In this way, you’ll never miss anything important and you’ll be able to easily track any overbooking or inconvenience that might happen.

2. Determine your resource allocation and accessibility

To maximize the effectiveness of your team’s time and your studio’s rooms and equipment, it is essential to have clear visibility of all your assets. This gets more challenging if you are concurrently working on many projects. If you assign and track several projects and employees, it is strongly advised to use a project management tool to make resource allocation easy.

With Studio Suite, you will have a thorough understanding of your assets and be able to organize and assign project activities in advance! An overview dashboard will let you view the status of a project or production at a glance, so you can provide updates on your resources with just a click.

3. Estimate tasks and define feasible deadlines

Estimation can assist you and your team in efficiently planning projects and productions and establishing deadlines that everyone can achieve. Keep in mind that not everyone works at the same rate, so it is essential to determine how long certain activities will take individuals to accomplish. With realistic deadlines, you will have more visibility and control over your studio’s workload, ensuring that no one is overbooked or that you’ve got unused free availability.

Do you need more than this? Only around 43% of projects are completed on budget. With our application, you can estimate budgets and compare budgets to actual expenses to improve profitability and never lose sight of your spending.

4. Set reminders and notifications

Notifications are an excellent method for ensuring that you never miss an essential update and are always aware of the status of any project that is being produced when you’re away from the studio. Notifications tell you whenever someone modifies tasks you created, assigned, or are following. Additionally, they will notify you whenever somebody mentions you within the app.

Look for software that allows you to choose which instant notifications you get. The application you use should also allow you to disable any or all of the regular notifications. You should also have the option to select how you get alerts. If you have numerous email addresses, you must be able to choose where alerts are sent.

Studio management can be simple with the right software

There are several solutions for project management on the market, but if you want software made especially for creatives, with lots of functionalities developed for managing media projects effectively, you should take a look at Studio Suite. You can check out more features here or schedule a custom walkthrough of the platform with one of our consultants right here.

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