User-friendly Project Management Software Features

Regardless of the kind of studio you’re managing, project management software is a critical component of the workflows of many firms. This is particularly valid for creative teams that are working together on projects, producing and delivering content across the media production spectrum.

To manage tasks, streamline workflows, keep track of budgets, and everything that is going on in a studio, managers need a place to keep this all together. It may be very daunting to deal with the sheer number of to-dos and events happening day after day in a creative studio, but worry not, we have the perfect solution. All-in-one studio management software with project management features like Studio Suite is a fantastic investment for creative teams. So let’s get started and define the essential features of creative project management software.

To-Dos lists to help you stay on track with everything.

When you have to manage a studio and all the resources, tasks, equipment, events, and creative teams that go through there, you need to keep everything organized. Very organized. But the top project management tools for creative teams go beyond a straightforward list of to-dos. A helpful task manager for creatives has options that will let you add priority tags, filters, and due dates, or assign tasks to specific people, so you can better manage your work. You save time and the stress that goes along with it by keeping everything relevant to a to-do in one location.

Project Management Software Features - Studio Suite

Efficient project budget management to stay profitable.

At the end of the month, your studio business must actually be making money, right? With Studio Suite, a project management software dedicated to studio owners, you now have the ability to manage resources efficiently. The likelihood of scope creep and projects deviating from the intended direction increases during the life of every project. Managers may avoid it by using project budget management software, which enables them to monitor everything by comparing budgets with actuals easily.

Studio Suite’s budget vs. actual dashboard compares the expected budget for a project with the actual amount spent on the project up to that point. Budget vs. actual dashboards make it straightforward to monitor if projects are remaining within their allocated budgets or if they are heading in the direction of being over budget before the project is finished.

All your good ideas together and notifications to not forget anything.

A lot of things happen in a studio in one day. You’ve got a lot to do, and it’s hard not to forget anything important. In times like this, you must collaborate effectively with everyone around you. The ease with which you can do this is a major benefit of user-friendly project management tool like Studio Suite. It maintains all communication in one place, giving you the option to add notes, creative directions, and titles. With just one click, it’s simple to obtain information like project timelines and status updates, and automatic notifications and reminders may be sent to make sure that everything stays on track.


Now that you know what to look for in studio management tool when it comes to project management software features, is there also a solution that offers scheduling and equipment management? Yes – it’s Studio Suite.

Studio Suite is the #1 software for studios producing and delivering content all across the media. It can help you easily manage scheduling, budgeting, contacts, and many more. See its detailed features here or schedule a custom walkthrough here.

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