Studio Suite Client Installers

Studio Suite Xi – FIleMaker 15MacWindows
Studio Suite Xi – FIleMaker 14MacWindows
Studio Suite Xi – FIleMaker 13MacWindows
Studio Suite XMacWindows
Studio Suite 9MacWindows

Studio Suite Xi Manual

Manual for Studio Suite Xi

Data migration template

If you’re looking to import data from an existing Contacts or Equipment database that isn’t in the FileMaker format, then please download our data migration template above. You’ll need to export existing data into this Excel document

Studio Suite Plugins

VersionMacWindowsWindows 32 bit
Studio Suite 12MacWindows
Studio Suite Xi PluginsMacWindowsWindows 32-bit
Studio Suite X PluginsMacWindows
Studio Suite 9 PluginsMacWindows


FileMaker Server 18MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 18MacWindows
FileMaker Server 17MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 17MacWindows
FileMaker Server 16 TrialMacWindows
FileMaker Server 16MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 16 TrialMacWindowsWindows 32-bit
FileMaker Pro 16MacWindowsWindows 32-bit
FileMaker Server 15MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 15MacWindowsWindows 32-bit
FileMaker Server 14MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 14MacWindowsWindows 32-bit
FileMaker Server 13MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 13MacWindows
FileMaker Server 12Mac FileMaker Server 12 is not supported by OSX YosemiteWindows
FileMaker Pro 12MacWindows
FileMaker Server 11MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 11MacWindows
FileMaker Server 10MacWindows
FileMaker Pro 10MacWindows


Only install these if directed to by Studio Suite Tech Support

Barcode Fonts

Java 6

VersionMacWindowsWindows 32 bit
Java 6MacWindowsWindows 32 bit


ReactorMacWindows (64-bit)

Studio Suite

zip file
StudioSuite Web Assets
Studio Suite LiteMac Windows