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Studio Suite is the leading studio management software because we designed this tool to hold all of the resource’s studio employees need to keep a steady and productive workflow. One of the features that makes Studio Suite so valuable is that it has a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Studio CRM

Within the Studio Suite software, you can manage all of your client’s contacts, schedules, and more with the easy to use, built-in CRM for studio productions. The Contact Module holds all of your contact information, including past and current projects, invoices, financial history, reels, titles, and communications.

You can quickly search for a specific contact. Once you find the contact you need, you can click into that tab and see all of the information you might need, such as phone numbers, emails, associations, and more.

This CRM feature for studios also holds all of the info you need, from rates to tasks to events to employee schedules, and more!

Email in the Software

You can save even more time by sending an email right inside the studio CRM. Simply go into the project, select the person you are contacting, and the software will save the email in the project as it sends out the email.

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If you are looking for an all-encompassing project management software for your studio, Studio Suit was built for you! Contact us today to learn more and try our free demo!

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