Gantt Chart Feature in Studio Suite

Studio Suite is the leading studio management software, created to help busy studio professionals maintain their daily tasks and projects with ease. With the recent launch of Studio Suite 13, users now have even more control over their workflow with new features like the Gantt Chart view.

Why Use the Gantt Chart Feature?

We added a Gantt Chart feature in the new Studio Suite software to help project managers improve their productivity. The Gantt Chart allows you to see overlapping activities and tasks quickly in an organized manner.

Another great reason to use the Gantt Chart is to establish dependencies. This helps your team stay on track and allows you to quickly see if your timeline might be disrupted for any reason. That way, you can plan these delays into your project and see when and where extra help might need to step in.

There are various levels of dependencies, depending on how organized you need to be with a particular task or project!

Many project managers are already accustomed to using Gantt Charts in their day to day, so having this feature built right into the Studio Suite software makes their workflow much more seamless.

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