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Studio Suite was designed to be a comprehensive solution for studio employees to help them manage their workloads and improve productivity. Whether you work in production, post-production, recording, or anywhere on the timeline, Studio Suite has the modules you need to manage your time.

In today’s quick module overview, we are looking into the scheduling capabilities in Studio Suite.

Creating Schedules in Studio Suite

With the scheduling module, you can easily view, edit, and add projects, rooms, equipment, employees, clients, and media. You can view these categories by day, week, or month in a color-coded, traditional, or linear calendar view.

In this module, you can also include notes, tasks, resources, and other important information that pertains to the schedule.

Once you assign an employee to a project or a schedule, they are immediately notified which saves you a lot of time and ensures everyone knows when and where they are scheduled.

Learn More About Studio Scheduling Module

There are many more benefits and tips and tricks associated with the scheduling module in Studio Suite. If you would like to learn more, contact us for a personal demo or you can join us for our weekly live webinars.

Learn more about all of Studio Suite’s modules in our weekly live webinars.

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