Easy Studio Project Management Module

Project Management Module in Studio Suite

Studio Suite was founded to solve the common struggles faced in the studio management world. As a project manager, you have a lot on your plate. With Studio Suite’s easy to use project management platform, you can increase productivity, manage all tasks, and so much more.

Project Management Module

When we talk about project management, we’re talking about managing your rooms, your people, your equipment, your work and putting it all together in one place.

There are two aspects when we look at project management in Studio Suite: Production and Projects.


We categorize production as a container for all of your individual projects that you might be working on at any given time.


These are the single projects you need to manage.

For example, the show Ozark. The entire show would be a production, but the episodes can be categorized as projects within that production.

With Studio Suite, you can manage all of the resources used throughout the projection and pinpoint them down to the projects if need be. This just allows you a more in-depth look into where your resources will be and have been.

Live Module Demos

This demo is just a quick sneak peek at some of the powerful resources provided in the project management module. If you want to learn more about this specific module, you can contact us for a personal demo or you can join us for our weekly live webinars.

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