Studio Productions and Projects Modules

Studio Suite is the leading software solution for the media production industry! Our platform makes it easy to keep all of your information in one place that can be accessed from anywhere!

In today’s blog, we are giving a quick demo of the Productions and Projects Module.

Productions and Projects Modules for studios

Studio Suite’s Production Module makes it easy for project managers to track all information related to each project in the Projects module: budgeting, profit and loss, talent, set up info, and media asset management.

If you are a video producer, the production would be the entire television series, whereas each episode would be a project.

In the music industry, an album would be the production, and each song would be a project.

Within the Project Management Module, you can quickly see all information for your studio projects, such as:

  • People, clients, sessions, events, reels, titles, and invoices
  • Work orders and invoices
  • Messages and notifications
  • Color-code and edit your data and displays
  • Attach external, digital files (Avid®, FinalCut®, ProTools®, MS Word®, Photoshop®, etc.)
  • Budgets and petty cash
  • Actual charges and expenses
  • Profit and loss per project and per line item
  • Add notes, creative directions, and titles.
  • Kanban Board
  • Automatic Notifications and Reminders

Another great component inside Studio Suite is the new Gannt chart view, which was a highly requested addition to Studio Suite 13. This gives project managers a different way to view their tasks and info.

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