Studio Management: Equipment Inventory Tracking Software

In any studio setting, there are a lot of items and pieces of equipment moving around the set. It can be difficult to keep track of where each item goes, who used it, when it was returned, and what condition it was returned in. With Studio Suite’s equipment inventory tracking module, you can easily manage your equipment and track each item.

Equipment Inventory Management Software

Within the Studio Suite platform, you can access the inventory tracking module where you can see a list of all of your studio equipment. Each piece of equipment has all of the necessary information to track, such as barcodes, location, and more.

When you click on any of these resources, you get a detailed few. Here, you can list out all of the info on this item, such as serial number, purchase date, cost, and a lot of other relevant info.

Equipment Packages

If a piece of equipment came in a package, you can track that here as well. In the video, you see the example camera came with a lens, stand, and a video distribution app.

Equipment Rates

You can also track rates for renting your equipment out. You can establish your rates whether they are hourly, daily, weekly, and so on.

Equipment History

Easily track all of the projects that each piece has been used, who used it, how long it was used for, etc.

Scan Manager

This is where you can do inventory checks. You can use the barcode by manually entering the number or scan the code. This scan manager allows you to quickly see what you have in your inventory, and what has been checked out from any date and time.

Learn More About the Inventory Tracker

There are so many more benefits and resources included in the equipment inventory management software. Overall, it is a very powerful and flexible tool to keep track of your equipment inventory. If you would like to learn more about this and any of our modules, please contact us today!

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