Studio Equipment Management Software

The Equipment Management Module within Studio Suite is a great way for studio managers and employees to keep track of their studio equipment history, records, and more all in one place!

Equipment Management Module Demo:

Once you log in to your Studio Suite software and head over to the Studio Equipment Manager, you will see a variety of tabs that help you manage your equipment.

List of All Equipment

Inside this module, you can keep a list of all of your equipment, so it is easy to find what you are looking for. If you don’t see your item right off the bat, you can easily search for your piece of equipment in the search bar.

After you select the equipment you want to see, you get an all-encompassing view of that particular piece of equipment. There are multiple tabs where you can jump to the info you are looking for.


The detail view has a variety of different fields that you can populate with the information applicable to your studio, anything from barcode manufacturer, model, description, and so on.


The rate tab allows you to create a system for charging based on when certain equipment is checked out of inventory.


The history tab shows you all the different projects that your item has been checked out for.


The maintenance tab shows reports of when maintenance has been done on that item. You can also schedule future maintenance here.


In the attach tab, you can keep track of documents, pictures, PDFs, handbooks, instructions, and more.

Web Viewer:

The web viewer allows you to search the internet in the software to help you find what you are looking for.

Connections and Cables:

This tab tells you what accessories your equipment needs to have with it.


With the reports tab, you can run different reports on the equipment and print them for your needs.

Learn More About the Equipment Manager in Studio Suite

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