Studio Contact Management Module

Studio Suite has several modules, each designed to help studio managers control, organize, and easily access their important information. One module that studio managers find especially helpful is the contact management resource.

Easily Manage Studio Contacts with Studio Suite

With the contact management module inside of Studio Suite, you can organize all of your resources so you can deploy them easier without the headache of searching through multiple spreadsheets.

In the demo shown in the videos above, you can see the home screen of our platform shows:

  • Daily projects
  • Events
  • Line items
  • Products
  • Tasks
  • Follow-up tasks
  • Etc.

Within the studio contact management tool, you can categorize your contacts how ever you would like to see them displayed with information such as job title, phone number, company, and more. When you select a contact, you can see all of the information you have for that person, including any follow-up you might have with that contact.

You can also view contacts based on their roll in your company, for example, your employees, vendors, or freelancers.

Learn More About the Contact Management Module

The contact module gives you multiple ways to filter your contacts, whether they are employees or clients, making your workflow seamless and connected. To learn more about this module and more, please contact us today or tune in to our next live Q&A session, every Wednesday at 1 PM EST.

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