Remote Access to Studio Management Software

Stay Connected to Your Studio Even When You’re Not There

At Studio Suite, we know you’re not always in the office, but sometimes you need to get access to your important info on the go, or maybe your traveling for work but don’t have access to your studio management software.

That is why we designed several methods for our customers to be able to connect to their essential studio software from anywhere!

How Do Studio Managers Connect When They’re Out of the Studio?

We have three main routes for our customers to be able to remotely access their Studio Suite management software.

  • You can use the FileMaker platform, the FileMaker Pro for both Mac and Windows, which you can connect directly to your Studio Suite database.
  • You can also use web direct technology through FileMaker, which allows you to use a web browser when you’re outside of the office to access Studio Suite and all of its features.
  • We also offer a version of Studio Suite as an optional add on for customers who know they’ll need remote access frequently. It allows you to use a web browser on a desktop computer, but it is particularly useful on a mobile phone. No matter which device you use, you can still perform essential tasks related to your Studio Suite workflow.

Learn More

If you need to manage your studio on the go, Studio Suite has you covered. If you are interested in learning more about our remote access capabilities, please contact us today. Likewise, if you want to learn more about Studio Suite and how our studio management software can help your workflow and productivity, we are always available to answer any questions!

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