Media Asset Management Software

Media Asset Management Software

Studio Suite is a user-friendly software system created to help increase productivity and help users manage their workflow on a day to day basis. One module within the Studio Suite platform is the Media Asset Management which has a ton of beneficial features.

Managing Media Assets with Studio Suite

We designed the Media Asset Management Platform to work hand in hand with the Library and Media Inventory modules, allowing you and your team to save time tracking down all of your assets, tasks, and inventory, both physically and digitally.

Media Management from Library Assets:

  • Log media asset
  • Assign media assets to Projects
  • Attach files to media assets
  • Log Media in and out
  • Control media asset rates
  • QC reporting
  • Gather more meta-data than before with DiskLog
  • FTP and logging

How Media Asset Management Software can help you?

  • Displays minimum stock levels, ‘on-order’ amounts, costs, vendors, etc.
  • Automatic alerts when inventory levels get low
  • Price replacement media with different vendors
  • Automatically create purchase orders for low stock Items
  • Reserves media inventory based on needs assigned in a Project
  • Log and edit information about your media
  • Control media rates

Learn More About Media Asset Management Platform with Studio Suite

There are many more benefits and tips and tricks associated with the Media Asset Management module in Studio Suite. If you would like to learn more,  contact us for a personal demo or you can join us for our weekly live webinars.

Learn more about all of Studio Suite’s modules in our weekly live webinars.

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