External API Integrations in Studio Suite

Studio Suite is designed to make the lives of studio managers easier by increasing their productivity and workflows. One way we help studio managers achieve this is through the API integrations of several external resources.

What Are APIs?

Application Programming Interface, or APIs, are simply a way for two pieces of software to communicate with each other, a way for us to integrate with existing tools that you already use as part of your workflow.

How Do These APIs Help Your Productivity?

Many of the things that our API integrations do you might already use… For example, QuickBooks- you might already do your accounting in there. You might already have file storage in services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Our integrations with those services allow you to move seamlessly between Studio Suite and your other workflows.

What are Some Other Integrations with Studio Suite?

  • QuickBooks- accounting.
  • Box- file sharing.
  • Drop Box- file sharing.
  • Google Drive- file sharing.
  • Slack – allows you to create channels from your studio suite projects.
  • Twilio- you can send SMS notifications from your events, tasks, projects, and productions in Studio Suite.

Learn More About API Integrations

Having all of these APIs in one place really makes it easier for the studio manager to just keep all their information track of their essential information and to connect all of their different workflows.

If you want to learn more about API integrations in Studio Suite, contact us today!

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