Production Tracking and Management

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Project Management

Studio Suite is a fully functional production and post-production management software, with a flexible interface that can accommodate virtually any production or post-production workflow. Studio Suite is truly a premier studio management software, and the Projects module is the software’s work horse. In the Projects module you can track all resources and information related to each project, including:

  • People, clients, sessions, events, reels, titles, and invoices
  • Work orders and invoices
  • Messages and notifications
  • Color-code and edit your data and displays
  • Attach external, digital files (Avid®, FinalCut®, ProTools®, MS Word®, Photoshop®, etc.)
  • Budgets and petty cash
  • Actual charges and expenses
  • Profit and loss per project and per line item
  • Add notes, creative directions, and titles.

In addition to improvements to the speed, responsiveness, and ease of use, the following new functionality has been added to SS Xi’s Projects module:

  • Completely revised “Budget” and “Actual” views.
  • Deeper integration with Budgets, Petty Cash, and Purchase Orders
  • Improvements to “Rental” workflows
  • Revised navigation between views
  • Custom Rate Card creation, for specialized rates
  • Greater flexibility with discount options
  • AICP / AICE friendly budget displays
  • Improved sorting, hierarchy management, and printing.
  • Improved color-coding options
  • Additional pricing, discount and quantity
  • Flexibility.