Are you looking for a way to make your studio more profitable?
Do you encounter difficulties keeping your projects on time and on budget? Do you want to make sure you are billed appropriately for your resources?

Do you want to make sure you are billing your resources accurately?

  • Budgeting
  • Project management
  • Integrations

helps you

Create budget projections for projects/productions and compare against actual expenditures
See budget allocation remaining at a glance
Send customizable invoices
Automatically integrate invoices and payments with Quickbooks
Analyze upcoming expenditures for a given resource (people, rooms, equipment)
Create scheduled alerts to re-order inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Studio Suite help me if I already use QuickBooks for my invoices?

Yes, you can easily push your studio invoices into QuickBooks. The invoice will send with all of the information you need, including the standard info and notes that you attach to the project.

What happens if unexpected expenses occur during production?

You can always go back to Studio Suite and add the expenses you didn’t account for.

What if I have different rates when items are part of a package?

You can add “Child Item” rates that allow for different pricing when used within packages.

What kind of details can I see regarding the profitability of my projects?

The software allows you to see profit and loss per project and per line item.

Can Studio Suite help me figure out why I am losing money on projects/productions?

Yes, you can easily compare your budget to actual expenses, find out the cost of maintaining your equipment and determine whether you should buy different equipment models in the future. Also, you can see if your studios are being underutilized.