Inventory Tracking & Rental

Studio Suite is a complete equipment inventory software platform, designed to simplify the process of keeping track of your equipment and parts inventories. The Equipment module allows you to keep track of all of the equipment that you own. A separate record for each item is created, showing purchase date and amount, current location, serial and model numbers, value, etc. The Parts module is where you keep track of all equipment parts (a part can be an individual item such as hard drives, adapters, transformers, connectors, chip sets, resistors and diodes, etc. or it can contain another part). The Maintenance module tracks equipment repair statuses and maintenance needs.

Functionality includes:

  • Track equipment
  • and parts
  • Create and manage packages, collections, and pools of equipment
  • Create depreciation schedules
  • Manage resource permission groups
  • Create, edit, delete, or change rate information
  • Create quick rates
  • Create maintenance reports and schedules
  • Log equipment and equipment repair statuses
  • Track vendors
  • Create parts reports
  • Equipment depreciation schedules and reports.
  • NEW – Rental workflow improvements
  • NEW – Usage based ROI calculator