How to Solve Common Studio Problems and Manage Projects More Effectively

When you run a studio, your clients should always be the priority. When you focus on providing excellent services, your projects will reflect that effort. However, if your internal operations aren’t where they need to be, you’ll always be playing catch up. When you optimize your production and administrative processes, it gives you more time and space to focus on putting out your finest creative work.

Let’s be honest, you didn’t get into this field for the administrative aspects of project management tracking—you’re in it for the creative process and expression. If you want to be able to carry out your work and avoid technical snags along the way, it’s imperative that you implement studio project management software designed especially for your industry.

Studio Problems You May Encounter

To better understand how you can benefit, let’s look at some of the common studio challenges that project managers face on a regular basis and how the right software might make a difference.

Poor team & asset management

It’s easy for studio owners to become distracted and overwhelmed—they usually have a lot of things on their plate. It becomes even more complicated when they aren’t sure whose doing what and can’t check in on project progress without asking a ton of questions. If you don’t have tasks and schedules organized, it becomes impossible to effectively manage deadlines and priorities for different objectives.

When teams work together more effectively, projects automatically benefit and the quality of work improves. In order to foster this kind of work environment, it’s important to introduce software that can help people collaborate, schedule clients without overbooking, manage tasks, and overall avoid mistakes and confusion.

Shockingly, up to 25% of organizations do not leverage technology that allows their teams to collaborate. In order to see a project through, it’s imperative that team members are able to track projects, collaborate on tasks, and have a clear idea of expectations.

To create a productive project environment, you need software that can serve as a hub for your team’s resources, projects, and comments. It should be easy for one team member to update another and communicate on specific points as without picking up the phone or sending an email.

Poor project management tracking

The biggest studio problems usually come down to poor project management. While the creative talent and equipment might be there, you need to make sure that you’re always getting the most out of you and your team’s time. Using resources effectively can save you a ton of money in the long run and ultimately leads to stronger client relationships by building trust.

Most studio owners are working on multiple projects at any given time, which makes it necessary to pay attention to improving asset management. The right studio project management software can make this so much easier, and will help you start saving time and money right off the bat.

60% of project professionals believe that poor resource management is a significant problem in project management.

When you use Studio Suite, you’ll benefit from a detailed overview of all your resources, making it easier to plan and divide up project tasks in advance. Your dashboard will show you the progress of a project or production at a glance, allowing you to make important decisions or resource changes with a single click.

Lack of project overview

Getting more work is always great but being able to juggle everything simultaneously is essential for success. The more you can improve visibility across all of your projects, the easier it’ll be to determine when and how you devote your time to them.

If you want to be informed to make the best decisions when it comes to your assets and resources, you need to have a clear picture of your projects. You won’t need too many details, but consider the following questions:

  • How many client projects are in progress right now?
  • What are the fundamental details of each? (Timelines, costs, client details, etc.)
  • Are these projects on schedule? If not, can you guide your team to get back on track? High-quality output and timely delivery are essential to gaining loyal clients.

Studio project management software helps you see the big picture and manage the details necessary to stick to your budget, produce on time, and keep your clients happy.

Learn about the best studio project management software

With plenty of options to choose from, you need to make sure you implement the software that best fits your needs. There’s no better way to go about this than to choose something that was specifically designed for your industry. Studio Suite is the industry’s leading software for studios that generate and distribute content throughout the entire media production spectrum (audio, film, video, photography, TV & Radio, podcasts, etc.).

Why not check out Studio Suite right now? Our studio management software could be that missing piece you need to kickstart projects, streamline collaboration, overcome studio challenges and grow your business. To learn more about Studio Suite’s advanced features, you can schedule a walkthrough with one of our consultants here!

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