How can studio scheduling software improve your business efficiency?

One of the most valuable resources in any business is time. It makes sense when you consider that there are only 24 hours a day, and as a business, you only have one-third of that time to get things done. As a result, even if you have enough employees to run your business, you’re likely to fall short of your objectives if you don’t use effective time management techniques and tools such as studio scheduling software. In fact, 90% of people say better time management will lead to increased productivity, so your business and employees could benefit greatly.

Before delving deeper, it is necessary to define time tracking in order to understand better how it can be implemented in your business and how it improves operations and profitability.

We’re talking about studio scheduling software, which can be used to improve time management and support business operations. Built specifically for studio owners, so it has different functionalities than a typical time tracker. With such a tool, you can easily book your projects, see real-time availability and conflicts, use color coding to organize your events, and add notes to help you better coordinate your tasks.

How you’ll improve your business using studio scheduling software.

1. Avoid overlapping and conflicting schedules.

Scheduling production projects may be difficult, and overlapping can often occur. A centralized work schedule will help you see what all your clients are doing at any given time in your studio. As everyone on the team can see who is working on what, in which studio room and what equipment is being used, the likelihood of a schedule conflict decreases. Don’t forget to remind your team members to check this work schedule often!

Essential functionalities for your studio:

  • organize your schedule of daily, weekly, or monthly activities;
  • add every room in your studio or collaborator on the timetable;
  • overview tasks, resources, projects, daily notes, employee schedules, or callbacks.

2. Easily assign resources to a scheduled project.

Resources are typically people included in your project, whether or not they are assigned tasks. However, a resource could also be anything used to complete a project, including equipment and other materials.

Top performant studio scheduling software makes it simple and intuitive enough to add resources to the schedule and have them show up on the calendar. You can easily go through the tasks, projects, and events that you have planned and allocate people and resources where they are needed. If there are any tasks where the resources needed are unclear, talk to your team and get them assigned. For greater efficiency, you need a clear overview of your available resources, and you cannot have one without proper allocation.

3. View all event details with one click.

When scheduling production projects or other events, your software solution should let you add as many details as you need. From the time period in which the event takes place and the event’s name to notes, tasks, and resources. Thus, whenever you need information quickly, you are a click away.

4. Easily configure schedule viewing presets.

Each studio has a different structure, so it’s useful to have customizable features. Thus, you can organize your projects, team, resources, and all activities according to your business needs, not mold them to the predefined functionalities of software. All you need is software created for creatives in the media production spectrum.

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