Easy to Use Studio Management Software (Testimonial)

How Long Have You Been Using Studio Suite 12?

We’ve been operating on Studio Suite for about one year now, and we’re so happy with it. Studio Suite 12 allows us to access remotely, which is vital for our team of nearly 40 individuals working across two or more locations.

Our entire team, from reception to billing, uses Studio Suite consistently throughout the workday.

What Problem had Studio Suite Solved for Your Studio?

It allows us to integrate all of the departments into one platform and unify the team to ease our workflow. The interface is so easy to use, and we keep surprising ourselves with the ability to adjust its capabilities and customize it to our exact needs, which are ever-changing as our company continues to grow.

How do You Personally use Studio Suite 12 in Your Day-to-Day Work?

I personally use and love the studio suite modules for estimating, scheduling, billing, as well as client relationship management and task assignment.

What Feature in Studio Suite 12 has Impacted Your Studio the Most?

Project scheduling and client management are essential for our business, and Studio Suite does an excellent job keeping it orderly and accurate. We have over 5,000 client contacts and 50 or more projects a week to keep track of, so this tool keeps everything neat, accurate, and easy to navigate.

What is Your Favorite Feature?

My favorite feature is the categorizing buttons, which we added to the project. We customize these to run reports for strategic business development and, ultimately, success.

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