About Studio Suite

Adatasol is the developer of Studio Suite, a software platform designed to simplify and organize the complex, specialized workflows involved in virtually any media production environment (film, television, music, games, graphics, advertising, internet, radio, DVD, audio, video, etc.).

We created Studio Suite 21 years ago because we saw a problem and we thought we could solve it. The biggest challenge with the process of creating is the logistics of it all. The devil really is in the details. The tracking and organization of thousands of pieces of info, the management of the hundreds of steps along the way, tracking physical assets, media assets, people, rates, schedules, calendars, communications, etc. It’s an extremely complicated and chaotic process. And it’s from this chaos, that some of the worlds most beautiful and inspiring art emerges.

Often times, the end result is stunning but the project is a financial flop. Where did it go wrong? Was the project under-bid? Did resource limitations, scheduling conflicts, and communication errors lead to costly time-delays?
That’s where Studio Suite comes in. We’ve been there, and we know that often times the difference between the success and failure of a project lies in the process. If done well (on time and on budget) a project has life and the opportunity to be successful. When done poorly, budget overruns and time delays turn good business decisions into bad ones, even if the end-result is considered successful.

Studio Suite lets the creative people get back to being creative, and the business people back to business by freeing up resources and allowing everyone to focus on creating the content that generates the income, as opposed to paperwork and excuses.