4 ways to keep track of multiple projects at once in your studio

Project management is difficult, but every studio owner has to deal with it. The tricky part about project management in a studio is trying to approximate how much workload you will have, and many things can change from one day to the next.

Even for a single project, it can be hard to keep track of all the tasks that need to be done, and doing so with multiple projects can be even tougher. To get through it, you must be very organized, good at managing your time, and focused. It sounds impossible to someone who hasn’t been trained in multitasking and project management, and software can ease this task.

Keep reading, we’ll give you some tips on how to handle multiple projects at the same time.

1. Plan thoroughly.

The management of several projects means leaving nothing to chance. If you want your studio to succeed, you need to deliver the best experience for every client. To do so, designing a standard procedure for similar and frequent projects can be helpful. This will save you time and ensure you do the projects the same way every time.

Companies that build strong project practices and processes enjoy many benefits. Compared to companies without mature value-delivery processes, they’re more likely to meet their project goals (77% vs. 56%) and stay within budget (67% vs. 46%).

2. Use the best tools to make your work easier.

Only around a quarter of businesses now use some form of dedicated project management software. The others resort to less-than-ideal methods, such as using Excel spreadsheets or paper. As a result, 54% of businesses lack the ability to track KPIs in real time.

You may be the most capable studio owner and project manager, but you will still require assistance at some point. You and your team may have already considered using simple project planning software. Modern project tracking software has all you need to handle various projects simultaneously, but studio project management software is made with your creative industry niche in mind.

Instead of having video production planning software, communication management software and a budgeting application separately, why not choose to have everything in one place? Studio Suite is the „all-in-one” software you’ve been looking for, offering everything you need:

  • Resource management: quickly add resources (people, rooms and equipment) to a project/production;
  • Project overview at a glance: Graphically view resource allocation in a calendar view.
  • Automated smart notifications: Have notifications sent via email or SMS
  • Easy project tracking: Instantly view the status of a project or production.
  • Status updates & reports: Update the status of projects and resources with one click.
  • Budget control: Compare budget to actual expense to improve profitability.
  • Feedback and communication: Add notes, creative directions, and titles.

3. Prioritize tasks and allocate your resources efficiently.

It is very important to know when and how to prioritize your work. As a studio owner, you know which tasks are most important to the business and how to prioritize them in order of importance. To do so, resource management is mandatory, and being able to visualize and overview all your ongoing projects is equally important.

With Studio Suite, you can access a calendar view not only by date but also by resource and have an overview of everything happening on a certain day in your studio. With status updates and notes, everything is at your fingertips.

👉 You need more? Check out our equipment tracking functionalities here.

4. Communicate with your team.

One of the most essential parts of managing projects is being able to let other people know about scheduling changes, updates, or other details. Communicating efficiently is even more critical when managing multiple projects because the team can discuss potential problems and how to solve them before they cause major delays. Giving feedback and notifications about your ongoing projects is crucial. The good news? You don’t need any additional communication management software to do so.

Studio Suite has a built-in feedback and communication feature that lets you add notes, creative directions, and titles to each project or task. You can add your colleagues to any project, set priority tags to mark the importance of any project and have automated notifications sent to your email or directly to your phone via SMS.

Plan any project with ease using studio project management software.

Many project management tools are available, but not so many are specifically developed and designed for studio owners. Built with a creative mindset, Studio Suite is the #1 software for studios producing and delivering content across the media production spectrum (audio, film, video, photography, TV & radio, podcasts, etc.).

Would you like to see Studio Suite in action? Our platform may be precisely what you need to manage all your different projects at once, streamline collaboration, and make more informed decisions, among other things. You can schedule a custom walkthrough here with one of our consultants to discover all of Studio Suite’s functionalities!

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