3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Software for Studio Project Management

Project management is complex in general, but studio project management is a particular challenge. Running a studio means you’re handling projects, resources, communication and clients’ demands which can be difficult at times. Factors like the constantly shifting competitive market and the drive to create new, more effective procedures can easily make the process stressful. 

Emails and spreadsheets are ineffective for keeping track of all the balls someone managing a studio has to juggle. You may have found several other temporary solutions, but if they lack the functionalities of studio project management built specifically to help you manage your studio, your efforts will be in vain.

It’s clear that using software designed specifically with studio management in mind is the best answer. But how can you choose the best one for your studio when there are so many available today? 

Here are the three questions you have to address in order to focus your search on the greatest project management software for your studio.

Studio project management – questions and answers you should have in mind

  • Is it easier for me to keep track of my team’s time and resources with this tool?

A simple spreadsheet can’t keep track of how many resources are available, how many are needed, and how they’re assigned as projects progress.

A project’s failure can be caused by poor time and resource management. In fact, poor resource forecasting is to blame for 18% of project failures, and a lack of sufficient resources is to blame for another 21%.

Project management software that lets you keep an eye on the overall resource allocation so you can re-prioritize projects and tasks based on shifting priorities is essential. Most project management tools provide a clear picture of how much work is or will be projected to be running through the studio. It’s easier to keep track of what needs to be done now and what events are coming up if you look at the data in a timeline or calendar format. Once you have this information, you can use it to prioritize, assign, and schedule tasks effectively.

The best studio project management software provides a timeline view that allows you to add or reschedule projects with a few clicks. You should be able to drag and drop tasks and projects on the timeline to change their due dates and shift the deadlines of any task.

  • Will it facilitate collaboration and feedback? 

When teamwork is fostered, the likelihood of project success increases. Without software that facilitates effective collaboration, clients can be overbooked, tasks can be overlooked, mistakes can be made, and confusion can ensue.

It is essential to choose a tool that facilitates the collection of feedback and the availability of resources so that failures don’t happen and you have a record of all decisions and changes is made.

You should look for an application that will allow you to centralize all resources, tasks and feedback/notes. This means that specific resources can be associated with their corresponding projects or tasks, so that everyone knows where to find them, and that collaborators receive real-time notifications whenever there is a new comment or mention, streamlining communication.

  • Is it flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of requirements?

Software that easily integrates with your favorite tools and brings your tasks, projects, timelines, and conversations together will help you get more done. However, if you’re a studio owner, you need more than just a resource management platform. Here are some functionalities you should look for, especially if you’re looking for an effective studio project management software:

    • Resource allocation: Quickly add resources (people, rooms and equipment ) to a project/production;
    • Project overview: Graphically view resource allocation in a calendar view.
    • Smart notifications: Automatically have notifications sent via email or SMS.
    • Project tracking: View the status of a project or production at a glance.
    • Status updates & reports: Update the status of projects and resources with one click.
    • Budget control: Compare budget to actual expense to improve profitability.
    • Feedback and communication: Add notes, creative directions, and titles.

Discover the top studio project management software

There are hundreds of project management tools available on the market, so locating the best one for your team may be challenging. Instead, you should narrow your choices effectively by looking for software specially designed for studio owners and their needs. Studio Suite is the #1 software for studios producing and delivering content across the media production spectrum (audio, film, video, photography, TV & Radio, podcasts, etc.).

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